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soins énergétiques


Magnetism can help the healing of physical disorder (locomotor system, neuronal, digestive, ..) but also psychological or emotional. The underlying principle in magnetism is that the human being is a physical, emotional and energetic whole, each part influencing the others.

As in Chinese medicine, the assumption is that pathologies occur or are maintained because of an energy imbalance. It can be an excess, a deficit, which will distort the normal functioning of the organ, of the joint, of the muscle, ....

The role of the magnetizer is to detect these imbalances and treat them by cleaning or charging the patient's body, transmitting to the patient the energy he/she needs to achieve healing.


The session follows a well-defined structure. First of all, the practician discusses with the patient the problems leading to the session, then evaluate with him/her the scale and the frequency of the sensations. It is a question of setting up a strict evaluation framework that will allow the patient and the patrician to judge as accurately as possible the effectiveness of the treatment. The results can occur during the first session even for pathologies or pain that have been present for several months or years.

Magnetism Treatment


115 CHF

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